I’ve been overwhelmed with lots of duties and responsibilities since starting college. It’s very tough for me(alone) to juggle updating this site and do school stuff. I’m currently studying for my BS in Nursing. Just in my 1st year, &nd I’m already very busy, I really don’t have time to update anymore. I won’t delete everything, I’ll just leave this site as is, for you all to look back on mostly BIGBANG stuff XD

Btw, I am also thinking of selling my BIGBANG albums. VERY CHEAPLY because I really need it gone. I will be moving to a university dorm, I won’t be able to take a lot of things with me. And I feel like I haven’t been taking good care of these expensive albums, because I’ve been leaving them all over the place >__< I know, i’m so bad :( If anyone is interested, you can reach me on my personal tumblr: princessjeymi.tumblr.com. NOTE: I will only sell it to those who lives in the Philippines, because I don’t know how to ship out. LOL. In other words, I will only do meet-ups for it. Get at me :)


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Won’t be updating for a while…

Had to send my laptop back to the states & Waiting for my computer to come in from the states. Haha, complicated?